Real Estate Investments

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It’s no secret that banks are only lending to people with pitch-perfect credit records. Unfortunately most borrowers don’t fit this bill. The current state of the economy has left most people’s credit a little tarnished and worse for wear. In spite of this, money is being lent at lightning speed to investors all over the country and it’s all being done outside of the traditional banking system!

Turnkey Investment Properties, LLC offers our clients value-added real estate investment properties. We specialize in the added value provided to all acquired real estate by creating a Turnkey product for sale for a long-term investor or homeowner acquisition. The company connects private money investors with real estate investors for mutually beneficial investment opportunities. Products and services are provided to investors through a network of private money lenders and real estate investors developed through investment groups and referrals. The long-range plans include development of an affiliated property management branch to assist real estate investors with their buy and hold property investments.

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